For My Life

For My Life is a one-week teaching and ministry program of healing to every part of your life—spirit, soul and body. Classes begin Monday morning and finish Friday afternoon at our campus in Thomaston, GA, about an hour south of Atlanta. 


You’ll learn how separation in relationship from God, ourselves and others is a foundation for disease. We’ll explain how anger, bitterness, envy, self-hatred and fear can show up in our bodies as diagnosed issues such as IBS, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, and even cancer. All our teachings are based on cutting-edge research from science and medicine—while the answers to healing lie in building our relationship with God.


For My Life is designed to methodically confront and unravel the foundation of disease and prevent future medical, emotional, and spiritual problems


Here is what others have said about For My Life.


“I did everything I could to get out of coming to this teaching, but my friends and praying about it got me here. This has been the most loving, most informative, and the most emotional thing I have ever done. I really feel like this has saved my life. I will do everything I can to get others here, and I will be back!”


“I’m overwhelmed by the teachings, teachers, friendliness, organization, etc. I can’t imagine not coming back when possible and to bring others as well. Thank you so much for everything!”


“It has been an amazing week and we have learned so much. I wish all pastors of Christian Churches knew this—it is not only about getting people saved, but knowing the gifts of 1 Corinthians 12:28 are still here and flourishing.”


“I was happy to experience peace and feel safety and rest in the journey…I am now more enriched and receiving from the Lord every day of my life. I am learning to rest and not strive.”


“The program and all the teachers are SUPER! Keep up all the good work. You guys are awesome!


“It’s been an amazing experience with the Lord here during For My Life. It’s eye-opening to many areas in my life. I appreciate your organization and the in-depth truth concerning the Word of God. It has made me feel like I’m in an orderly home—I felt secure and relaxed . It has been wonderful.”


“After just one day of teaching, I looked at my husband and asked, “Why did it take us until now to hear these truths?” We now have a starting place to seek more from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit…and perhaps these truths will seep out from us into others. Praise God for His love!”


“I have experienced freedom and am no longer perishing through lack of knowledge! I am leaving with a new perspective—one that will continue the freedom process and allow me to be a light for those around me. I am ready to take my place as the man God created me to be!”


“My life has been truly blessed because of this ministry. Thank you for your obedience. Your ministry is truly an example of God’s work in His children.”


“I am changed. I am not the same person I was! I leave here with the knowledge that I have to face reality. I am so thankful for the teachings in For My Life—I have new ears and an open heart to God’s love and His Word. I’m excited about the future and what God has planned for me.”


“This was a very deep and intensive look into my faith, my relationship with God, and my thoughts. EXCELLENT PROGRAM! Your staff and all the speakers are top notch.”


“Thank you! This ministry has been life-altering and I am very grateful. I have every intention of coming back and learning more.”


“This is my third For My Life program and I’ve grown every time. The last two programs I brought my family members and they loved it too!”