Healed of Lupus

I have had some incredible healing. Back in 2013, I was going through some terrible symptoms with Lupus. I was in and out of the hospital several times, my kidneys weren’t working properly and had terrible joint swelling over my entire body. I couldn’t even make a fist, or bend my arm fully because my joints were constantly swollen. I had the lupus butterfly rash on my face, and had visible bumps around my joints because of the inflammation.

When I received the diagnosis, I didn’t want to believe it. I was given medication, but it didn’t help, and in one case I was severely allergic to a medication which caused an awful rash all over my body. The doctors told me that “the torch had been lit” and there was no cure and I would have this for the rest of my life. I walked out of the office and into the hallway, but before I even left the building, I called my sister and said “I refuse to accept this diagnosis, but I am desperate, I need to know what they taught you in Georgia…” (she had previously been healed from something else at For My Life).

I attended the Be In Health For My Life conference, and learned the truth, I had to remind myself that I was going to be healed and that the Lupus was not me, it was just affecting me at the time. I thanked God for the healing that I knew was eventually coming. I continued to take my thoughts captive, and to remind myself that I was forgiven by God, and I no longer needed to punish myself for my past sins, or feel guilty for what I had done nearly 10 years prior. I repented and knew I was forgiven by God. I also continued to cast out the evil things that were causing those bad thoughts/reminders of past sins to pop into my head. Over time, I gradually started to get better, and I can say now with full confidence that God healed me of the Lupus!! What is even more amazing is that I recently had my first child, a healthy baby boy. The doctors had told me that I was high risk for pregnancy complications because of the Lupus, and had weekly ultrasounds for 12 weeks in a row at one point. Week after week I got good news from the doctors about the baby.

I feel so incredibly blessed for the healing from Lupus, and that I was able to have a healthy child. After the healing from lupus and my pregnancy, I am even back to doing my gymnastics and watersking again! My health has been fully restored! The doctors rarely see healings like this happen, because my rheumatologist still has me come in for blood tests periodically. For two years now, every time they test me I have normal results! Thank you God!!!


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Healed from 20 years of Macular Eye Degeneration

I went to the For My Life Program (The City of Refuge week) for the first time last December. At the end of the week when everyone lined up for prayer I asked for prayer for my macular eye degeneration. I went to eye doctor the very next week. It was the same doctor who diagnosed it 20 yrs. ago. He said my eyes were clear and nothing was wrong with them. There were no signs of macular degeneration. I asked him if he had ever seen that happen before. He said no it never reverses. Always end up eventually blind. He said he can’t explain it lol. I told him I could and told him what happened. Please share with Henry. Praise God for this ministry.


Becky, GA

Becky - macular eye degeneration healed


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Learning to Thrive!

Four years ago I overcame extreme emotional torment. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t afraid, my body stopped shaking, and I experienced true joy and peace! Thank you so much, Be in Health for providing a safe environment for people like myself to come listen, learn, and overcome!


Thank you for showing me I didn’t have to survive life, but that I could actually thrive! I am forever grateful for the knowledge, love and care I received while there. You wonderfully portrayed the Father’s heart to me and it spoke volumes.


Since then, I have overcome so many things and will continue to do so. I’m changing a little everyday and love who I am becoming.


Isaiah 26:3-4 “You keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You: because he trusts in You. Trust you in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength.”



Richmond, VA


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A family set free – from years of life threatening diseases to healing

Applying the principles in this book has changed our lives dramatically and entirely.  Our family was given this book [A More Excellent Way] by a friend who knew that we had struggled with life threatening food allergies and Celiac disease for over 13 yrs.  Over the course of 13 years we became increasingly separated from “normal life” due to the life threatening reactions that were common for our children.  Our relationships deteriorated and our family became more and more isolated.  We finally gave up on attending church and eventually school because of the danger and torment of trying to fit in these situations that presented a tangible threat to our children’s lives.   In desperation, we spared no expense in order to seek help and answers from the most knowledgeable immunology and gastroenterology professionals in America, only to be told that there was nothing we could do, other than to continue to strictly avoid those things that our body reacted to.  When we asked these experts why our children had these issues, they had no answers other than that allergies were becoming more common.  As the years went by our children lost more and more foods.  In desperation to have a “normal” life, we sought all sorts of alternative remedies and procedures.  We felt hopeless because nothing worked.


Our first glimpse of hope came upon reading the testimonies in the back of A More Excellent Way.  We were also surprised to learn that there really was an answer to the question we had asked from the beginning….Why?  I knew that this was our only hope and I asked my husband if I could begin to teach these principles to the children, with great hope that within a year we’d either be free or at the least be able to say like so many other things we tried, that it didn’t work.  Although he grumbled something about not agreeing with the “theology” behind the More Excellent Way book, he gave me the same permission he had given me to try every crazy alternative medicine regimen we had discovered.


I began to learn and teach the children at the same time.  I knew that this was the only way I would have time to apprehend the material myself, because cooking took up nearly my entire day.  We began to use the book as a reference, coupling it with an anatomy book and a King James Bible.  These materials essentially became our new homeschool curriculum.  As we gained knowledge of scripture and understanding of the function of our physical bodies, we quickly realized that it all began to make sense!  We soon made decisions to simplify our lives so that we had more opportunities to escape into “the secret place”, where we began to discover truth and possible keys to our freedom.


We would be able to overcome our diseases!  With new found hope we began to apply what we had learned about overcoming the diseases that so plagued us.  In our case, the results came so very quickly that we could hardly apprehend what was happening.  We grew confident that the scriptures provided the truth that would allow us to take back our foods!  Within 3-6 months of reading, repenting and applying the scripture to our lives we were entirely healed of food allergies.  Our children began to eat foods that would have previously caused anaphylaxis.  We were well on our way to a life we never dreamed possible!  After being healed of food allergies through our own study of scripture, anatomy and the principles and insights of A More Excellent Way, our thirst for increased understanding lead us to attend the For My Life program.  Our faith was built up so by attending the program, that by the end of the week we were healed of Celiac disease.  We topped off that week with a pizza party and the celebration continued on our drive home.  What should have been an 11 hr trip ended up taking 16 hrs because we literally stopped restaurant after restaurant trying foods, many of which our children had never had.


A More Excellent Way helped us methodically confront and unravel the foundational cause of the diseases we suffered from.  As we devoured the book we discovered the scientifically and biblically undeniable link between anger, bitterness, self-hatred and fear and diagnosed diseases like food allergies and Celiac disease.  We learned how the stage was set in our generations as we had all become separated from God, ourselves and others, creating a foothold for the development of disease and dysfunction.  Certainly our family medical history bore witness to this truth with numerous related diseases such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, diverticulosis, IBS and colon cancer.  We realized that absolutely nothing could stand in the way of our healing, once we discovered that the answer was well within our reach!  We were overjoyed to learn that we didn’t need a “guru” or a “top physician”, an outrageously difficult and/or expensive health regimen, much less the anointing of a “prophet” or “spiritual giant”!  Praise God, our healing rested entirely upon our gaining the knowledge that would lead us to the truth, along with building a relationship with God and coming into agreement with His Word, precept upon precept.  Far beyond helping us unlock the “mystery” of our diseases, this ministry has helped us gain an entirely different perspective of who we are based entirely on who our Father is.  We were healed from disease, restored in relationship and we have discovered the desire to live our lives in accordance with His purpose.  Our journey continues and life will never, ever be the same.


Today, we seek after the promises for our lives and our generations (both here and yet to come), as promised and laid out by scripture.  We continue to enjoying the teaching and like-minded fellowship of Be In Health ministries.


Presently we are learning that in order to become proper spouses and proper parents, we first must be correct children.  Now when we see something in each other or in our children we are learning to first look at ourselves and see if we are being a good child of God.  We have discovered an amazing truth, as we (spouses, parents) work on our “stuff”, becoming obedient to the Word and closer to Father God, our spouses and children become convicted of error in their own lives.  This often happens without a single word being spoken!


Though the storms still come, we now know to first seek time with our Father and to run to Him first.  There truly is no one like our Father, and He has never failed us.  He is always there.


Thank you brothers and sisters at Be In Health ministries and Hope of the Generations Church.


As a result of our journey, Marc our oldest son has been freed from all dietary restrictions.  Marc is now 16 years old.  At 13, he was initially skeptical of our efforts to gain freedom from food allergies and Celiac.  He remained on the sidelines and was cautiously optimistic as he watched his sisters take back all their foods.  When Marc finally decided to apply the principles to his life, he steadily gained his freedom and hasn’t looked back!  Marc is making up for lost time and now enjoys all the dietary freedom that a typical teen has.  Fast food meals, movies and sports activities with friends, attending wilderness survival camp, youth retreats and he has even lived away from home at a military boarding school this current school year.  Marc previously experienced frequent anaphylaxis to eggs, dairy, tree nuts, sesame, and mustard as   well as Celiac disease.  We are able to observe blessings and freedom in Marc’s life as we continue to walk out our sanctification and obedience to the Word.


Anna, our oldest daughter is 14 years old.  Anna blazed the trail of healing for our family. She was the most enthusiastic and insistent upon taking back her foods, fruits most specifically!  She had previously lost the ability to tolerate all fruits in addition to a laundry list of foods including eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, just to name a few.  Anna also suffered from Celiac.  She took back her fruits by force, hitting the orchards for every new fruit to come into season in the spring of 2012.  Anna enjoys her new found freedom to explore and develop her love of baking without dietary restrictions.


Maya is our 11 year old daughter.  She had suffered from food allergies and an atypical presentation of Celiac.  Previously, when exposed to even small amounts of gluten she suffered substantial negative impact to her health.  Accidental exposure brought about sudden loss of memory, academic decline, inability to communicate, inability to walk, hair loss, and extreme pain in her legs.  Our whole family became very concerned with keeping Maya healthy.  Today Maya enjoys eating whatever she wants and she is as able as any 11 yr old to maintain what she has learned.  She is a confident, happy, smart, and curious.  She loves to read, play in the woods and learn.


Nadia is 9 years and is our youngest daughter.  Nadia is tender hearted, brave and confident.  She is also free from all dietary restrictions.   She enjoys cooking; makes up her own recipes and filming instructional cooking shows with her sisters.  Nadia enjoys outdoors and would like to care for horses someday.  She makes friends easily and is bold and confident in sharing her faith.

Mendy is feeling more loved than ever!  Before reading “A More Excellent Way” she was not able to apprehend or even read the bible.  She now continues to discover truths in scripture and apply them to her life daily.  She is becoming better able to walk on water during the raging storms of life.  Overcoming fear was a huge for her.  Fear was obvious to her in the generations; however she didn’t feel she was fearful.  When she repented from generational fear, she suddenly began to recognize fear for what it was in her own life.  At this point, she had no other choice but to hang on to scripture.  Within 30 days she was able to recognize fearful thoughts and strike them down rather than coming down under them.   Mendy uses the time she used to spend cooking to studying the Bible and enjoying her family.


Arnie is growing in his knowledge of his true identity.  He is learning to apprehend the love of the Father.  He is eager to usher forth blessings to his family and generations by walking in obedience as the spiritual head of his family.  Seeing scripture come to life and applying the truths found in the bible to his life is bringing excitement and joy.


The Figueroa Family

Arnie and Mendy

The family

Marc, Maya, Nadia, Anna


A happy, healthy family

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Three Sisters Healed of Celiac Disease and Food Allergies!

All three of our daughters – Anna, Maya and Nadia were all healed of food allergies and celiac disease when our family went through the For My Life Program! Thank you God!




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Now I eat everything!

My name is Anna Figueroa and I am 14. I had life threatening food allergies since I was a baby.  I also developed celiac disease.  As the years went by my diet became more restricted.  My throat would close when I ate eggs, soy, fruits, vegetables, nuts, peanuts and many other foods.  Going to the emergency room was a familiar experience for me.  The thing that I loved most was fruit and I had lost the ability to tolerate all fruits.  Doctors couldn’t do anything to help me get better, so my parents tried all kinds of crazy alternative medicine stuff, which didn’t help either.


Everyone around me was always concerned that I would have a serious reaction to something.  When I went to private school they made me sit away from the other children at lunchtime and during any class activity or party that involved food.  My school insisted that one of my parents attend all field trips and class parties.  I didn’t like having to explain the seriousness of my health issues to everyone, but I knew they needed to know in case I needed help.  Eventually, because of my allergies we decided to homeschool. It was impossible for me to eat at a restaurant, have a sleepover, or go to a movie.


When I was 12 my parents learned about the book A More Excellent Way.  My family began to learn what the scripture has to say about the diseases I was diagnosed with.  My parents taught me scripture and we learned about anatomy (how the body works) so that I could also understand the science behind why I had become sick.  I learned that although I had been sick since I was a baby, God didn’t create me to be sick!  In fact, He wanted me to be well and He provided a way for me to restore my health!


Within a few months I knew I was ready to take back my foods.  I started with, you guessed it fruits!  Then I moved on to take back all of the foods that I had been allergic to!  My diet had been so restricted that I must admit it was a little overwhelming to go into the grocery store and know that I could eat anything except gluten (at this point I hadn’t been healed of celiac).  My parents and I were so happy!


In 2012, shortly after being healed from food allergies I came to the For My Life Kids Program.  The teaching was fun and it helped me better understand the principles behind many diseases, including celiac.  By the end of the week I was healed of celiac disease and our family celebrated by eating pizza at American Pie in Thomaston!  All my food restrictions were gone!


I also attended the For My Life Youth Program which built on the foundation of the kid’s program.  It was really fun and very interactive. I met other teens from all over the world and even though we were all very different, by the end of the first day we had all become friends.  I really enjoyed talking with the different instructors. The material we covered was easy to relate to and the classes weren’t boring at all.


I am so glad that I learned the things that were taught at Be In Health. Every single part of my life has been changed by what I learned.  I eat whatever I want, I travel, stay with friends and I never have to worry about ending up in the emergency room or dying from eating something!  I am changed by the For My Life program!



Anna and her sister Nadia

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God’s Word heals – I am a rejoicing overcomer instead of a burdened victim!

As a teenager I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, along with overall poor health. I got married and got pregnant to discover I had a serious low blood sugar problem. My baby was born and I discovered I couldn’t breast feed because my liver was so junked up that my thyroid wasn’t getting nourished and my hormones were out of whack.


My dear husband believed God, and turned to Him for healing. As we grew in the Lord, and he kept covering me in prayer my physical health just kept getting better.


This week has been like icing on the cake! I learned that I can be free from morning sickness by choosing to believe God instead of the devil, and that I don’t have to accept insomnia as a ‘normal’ part of pregnancy either. I’ve been totally free of those two all week, unlike the first 9 weeks of my pregnancy.


I’m excitedly looking forward to breastfeeding my dear son, according to God’s promises and most of all, live as a rejoicing overcomer instead of a burdened victim. All glory be to God! His Word sets us free!





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For the first time I KNOW I am a daughter of God!

I have received the Father’s love ministry several times but this time my husband ministered it to me. For the first time I know that I am a daughter of God! I’ve heard it. I’ve believed it! But now I know it!





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I am free!

I have desired to come to Be in Health over the years, but this has been my first opportunity. I’m glad I came. I have studied for years this type of material from several ministry resources, including BiH.


I enjoyed the simplicity of your presentations. I think that’s important. Since most material was familiar to me, the one that was not so much was passivity. Brings a lot of thoughts to mind and I intend to dig deeper into that subject. Thank you for opening my eyes to something I was not even aware was challenging me. I am free!


I also have been a Partner for a couple of years. I’m learning a lot and it has been very helpful in our counseling ministry!





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The Father’s love has changed my life!

[Since receiving the Father’s love ministry, I am able to] look back on my life to see, with new eyes, not only all the ways Daddy has been watching over me but how He has turned many things to my good. I am learning to trust my good Daddy, but mostly I am learning how to be His precious little daughter.




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